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Cooperstown Bible Camp is a beautiful place in the Sheyenne River Valley, free from the distractions of everyday life. Located just North of Valley City, ND 40 minutes.

God has been using it for over 90 years to bring his people into a personal relationship with Him and help them grow closer to Him. From summer camp, family camp, and men's and women's retreats it is the perfect place to celebrate what God has done for us.  Whether you're a camper, want a peaceful getaway as a family, want to volunteer, or need a job, CBC is the place for you.

Please, look around our site, sign up for an event, volunteer, or apply for a job today!

We Have Fun At Cooperstown Bible Camp!! #Summertime

  • Beautiful trim, new doors, drywall and fresh paint!​Beautiful trim, new doors, drywall and fresh paint!! 

  • Lunch was made by Patricia ... always great food here at camp!


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