CBC Event Schedule

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Prayer Warrior Team

Adopt a Flower Bed/Pot

Game Night

May 18

Golf Scramble

June 8, 2018

Prayer Walk & Harvest America Live simulcast

June 10, 2018

Illuminate 1 (4-6 grade)

June 11-16

Ignite 1 (7-9 grade)

June 18-23

Friends & Family Weekend

June 23-24

Initiate 1 (1-3 grade)

June 25-28

Illuminate 2 (4-6 grade)

July 9-14

Ignite 2 (7-9 grade)

July 16-21

Initiate 2 (1-3 grade)

July 23-26

Immersion (9-12 grade)

July 30-Aug 4

Labor Day Family Camp

Aug 31-Sept 3


What We're All About

At Cooperstown Bible Camp, we have a unique blend of great facilities, food, programs, and staff; but what sets us apart from other camps is our focus and commitment to being a people-oriented organization that strengthens relationships.  By building year-round and summer staff that possess Biblical-character and the competencies needed to accomplish the various aspects of camp ministry, we are able to cultivate unity amongst our team members. This is done by love, respect, fellowship, and servant-minded leadership.  

All of these aspects essentially flow into the driving motivation we are developing at Cooperstown Bible Camp, which is our culture.  As we promote spiritual growth in our year-round staff through daily prayer, weekly Bible-study, continuing education, staff development, and evaluations we in-turn invest ourselves into the lives of the individuals God sends to this camp. We are here to influence them for His Kingdom and Glory.  We carry this out in a safe, Bible-centered, Truth-driven environment that is conducive for deepening relationships with Jesus Christ.