Cooperstown Bible Camp is associated with the Evangelical Free Church of America and is a year-round Christian camp facility. It has a rich heritage tracing back to 1925 where Bible conferences and summer camps were led by Pastor Ludvig Lunde from Saron Evangelical Free Church.  For over 91 years the ministry here in the beautiful Sheyenne River Valley, located within 90 miles of Fargo, Grand Forks, Devils Lake and Jamestown has expanded to include father-son retreats, mother-daughter retreats, men’s retreats, women’s retreats, family camps, junior and senior high student retreats, as well as serving as a rental facility to like-minded religious and community groups.  From the opening of The Tabernacle with its unique architecture and round design in 1929 through the record spring flooding every 4 yrs, God’s work and faithfulness in the ministry at Cooperstown Bible Camp remains evident. It is our mission to continue what Pastor Lunde started by getting the gospel to as many as we can every year.