CBC Event Schedule

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Work Weekend

April 28-30 

Memorial Day Family Camp

May 26-29

Staff Training

May 26-June 9

Illuminate 1 (4th-6th)

June  12-17

Ignite 1 (7th-9th)

June 19-24

Initiante 1 (1st-3rd)

June 26-29

Illuminate 2 (4th-6th)

July 10-15

Ignite 2 (7th-9th)

July 17-22

Initiate 2 (1st-3rd)

July 24-27

Immersion Bible Conference (9th-12th)

July 31-August 5

CBC Staff

We are excited to be serving our Lord and Savior Jessus Christ at CBC!

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Chris Coombs Executive Director

Email: Christopher@cooperstownbiblecamp.com

LeeAnn Hochhalter Office Manager

Email: mail@cooperstownbiblecamp.com

Tim Stairs Maintenance Director

Email: Tim@cooperstownbiblecamp.com

Dusty Dahl Program Director

Email: Dusty@cooperstownbiblecamp.com

Permanent Staff

Permanent Staff