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May 3-4, 2019

Prayer Walk

May 4, 2019

Women's Retreat

Sep 20-Sep 22, 2019



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CBC Staff Positions

Staff positions at Cooperstown Bible Camp fall into three different, but equally vital categories:

- Counseling

- Program

- Support

While each position varies in its responsibilities, all CBC staff work together to keep our campers safe, develop unique and unforgettable life-shaping experiences, and provide opportunities for campers to engage with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and grow in their faith. Our Summer Staff serve in an extraordinary spiritual community with passionate followers of Jesus who live out the Word of God daily while experiencing amazing Christian fellowship regardless of position. 

Counseling Staff Positions

Cabin Counselors work directly with one cabin of 6-10 campers each week. They set the spiritual climate and direction of the cabin for the week by leading Bible Studies, facilitating team-building initiatives, and modeling the love of Christ by caring for the needs of their campers. Counseling is the most physically and emotionally demanding position on our summer staff team, but offers some of the more rewarding opportunities. Counselors receive training in first aid, CPR, low ropes facilitation, and evangelism during staff training. Counselors should be at least one year out of high school. (Though some exceptions may apply.)

Program Staff Positions

Adventure & Recreation Program - Staff will work with the Program Director and Executive Director to develop, enhance, and oversee the execution of our summer programs. These individuals should be creative, organized, dedicated to our team and mission, and comfortable in front of large groups. They are trained to supervise our high ropes challenge courses, manage program equipment, prepare Wide Area Games, and run and maintain our paintball program. Must be at least 18 years old. (Though some exceptions may apply.)

Media & Video Tech - Staff will work in conjunction with the Executive Director and Program Director to produce high quality videos, photographs, and promotional materials in a timely and professional manner. Individuals must have a good working knowledge of PC/Mac, video and photo editing software, sound equipment, and presentation software. Must be at least 16 years old. 

Music & Chapel Coordinator - Staff are responsible for musical leadership in all areas of programming. This includes audio and video presentations for chapel on programs like PowerPoint and Media Shout, leading our praise and worship team, organizing materials for chapel, assisting the Program and Executive Directors in leading chapel sessions, and general upkeep of the chapel area.

Support Staff Positions


Store - Positions are responsible for the appearance and operation of our camp store while creating a fun and inviting environment for campers and staff. Duties include sales, accurate bookkeeping, cleaning, stocking, inventory, assisting other program areas, and encouraging other staff members. Must be at least 16 years old. (Though some exceptions may apply.)

Grounds & Maintenance - Positions work directly with the Maintenance Director to keep Cooperstown Bible Camp looking great by maintaining buildings, grounds, and machinery while assisting with Program Director and Housekeeping Manager as needed. Must be at least 16 years old. (Though some exceptions may apply.)

Housekeeping - Works directly with the Maintenance Director to clean facilities, stock housekeeping supplies, wash and dry laundry, and carryout other cleaning projects to help beautify Cooperstown Bible Camp. These individuals need the desire to serve CBC campers and guests graciously while giving astute detail to the behind-the-scenes jobs that enable guests and campers to have terrific experiences at CBC. Individuals must be at least 16 years old. (Though some exceptions may apply.)

Office Assistants - Work closely with our  office Manager to register campers, answer telephones, process payments, assist the camp store, develop print materials, and assist the Media & Video Tech. Individuals must have PC/Mac computer skills, be orderly and professional, maintain a tidy work area, and demonstrate courtesy and humility in serving our guests, campers, and parents.


Camp Nurse Qualifications:

  1. Valid & current RN license in ND
  2. CPR Training
  3. Display strong morals and values in decision making, communication and relationships
  4. A desire to be around youth and children
  5. A desire to serve others
  6. A desire to educate individuals about safety, health and wellness
  7. The ability to work independently and also collaborate with others in a team atmosphere
  8. A desire to have fun and work hard!
  9. Strong communication skills

Camp Nurse Role at Camp:

  • Health promotion and prevention for staff and campers
  • Educator: ongoing education for staff and campers
  • Review campers health histories & communicate important information to appropriate staff
  • Perform health assessment of campers at the beginning of each camp
  • Manage the health center
  • Administer medications to campers and staff
  • Assessment of ill and injured individuals
  • Provide first aid for illness and injury
  • Maintain contents of first aid kits
  • Communicate with camp staff, parents, campers etc. regarding medications/illness/injury/etc.
  • Document accurate and complete health records
  • Refer injured and/or ill individuals to EMS or outlying facility
  • Walk around and nurse safety checks

Valuable Knowledge & Skills for a Camp Nurse:

  • Familiarity with pediatric development
  • Familiarity with AED use & administration of epinephrine
  • Strong communication skills
  • Thorough and timely documentation
  • Appropriate delegation skills and follow up
  • Autonomy
  • Flexibility

The most successful camp nurse enjoys being at camp, enjoys the type of people they provide care for, and likes being part of a team!

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