CBC Event Schedule

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Work Weekend

May 3-4, 2019

Prayer Walk

May 4, 2019

Women's Retreat

Sep 20-Sep 22, 2019



Prayer Warrior Team

Adopt a Flower Bed/Pot

Jr. Camp (4-6 grade)

Jr. High Camp (7-9 grade)

Early Bird (1-3 grade)

Sr. High Camp (9-12 grade)

Labor Day Family Camp




How do you prepare for a thousand kids anxiously waiting to come to camp? You have a work day! Cabins are cleaned, benches are repaired, walls are painted, gardens are planted, and much more is accomplished.  Warm caramel rolls, chocolate chip cookies and a hearty lunch give fuel to the workers who give their time, talents and endless energy to ready the camp for summer. Volunteering is an excellent way to help CBC spread Jesus's teaching in helping thouse in need. 

Volunteer Duties

Volunteering duties will consist of: 

- Grounds & Maintenance

- Housekeeping

- Kitchen/Cooking


Interested in possibly joining summer staff?

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 Denotes A Required Field
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