CBC Event Schedule

February 9th

Giving Hearts Day CBC

February 10-12

Intertwined Marriage Retreat

March 3-5

Men's Retreat

March 10-12

Father & Son Retreat

April 28-30 

Work Weekend

May 26-29

Memorial Day Family Camp

Women's Retreat

Women's Retreat exists to show women that they are uniquely gifted by God in an environment where they can study the Word of God in a haven of God's Creation, through the teaching of His Word. It is a time of fellowship, fun, and developing relationships with other women and Christ. Women's Retreat is set for September every year. We will be updating specific dates for 2017 soon.

If you would like to reserve a weekend for your own church's women's retreat or group please contact us today.




 2016 Women's Retreat Highlights


Guest Speaker Rebecca Meidinger


Rebecca is a wife, mother, speaker, and  writer whose desire is to build up teens, women and parents in the name of Jesus. She brought us women an authentic biblical message of what it means to be deeply anchored and rooted in Christ Jesus, living out one’s calling as a redeemed and loved daughter of God, created in His image for great and mighty purposes. She showed us how we can be anchored women in Christ through in depth studies on women in the Bible going through similar situations we are going through. As we all are juggling so many things, like trying to keep multiple balloons from hitting the ground, we need to remember that God is there to help us through it all.

 Rebecca  also blogs regularly about marriage, motherhood and living as a Christ-follower in a trying culture. You can read more about Rebecca at: www.rebeccameidinger.com

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Guest Musicians The Moen Family Women

The Moen family lives along the Deep River near Upham, ND and has been entertaining crowds with music for 15 yrs.  From Sunday School songs to country gospel to bluegrass they hope to bless those who come to listen with three part harmony, guitar, mandolin, violin, string bass, and banjo.  The Lord has blessed Duane and Marilyn with eight talented children:  Hannah,21, Elizabeth,20, Amanda,17, Serena,16, Leland,13, Evan,12, Clayton,7, and Merryanna,2 1/2. This weekend we had the privilege of having Marilyn (Mom), Hannah, Elizabeth, Amanda, and Serena leading the worship music. It was so inspirational to see this group of women with such beautiful voices and abilities. We hope to have them again for another retreat soon!