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February 9th

Giving Hearts Day CBC

February 10-12

Intertwined Marriage Retreat

March 3-5

Men's Retreat

March 10-12

Father & Son Retreat

April 28-30 

Work Weekend

May 26-29

Memorial Day Family Camp

Faithful Friends Banquet

Faithful Friends Banquet

Our annual Faithful Friends Banquet was held December 3rd, 2016.

It was a great event to honor those who have helped the camp in so many ways and allowed those friends of CBC to show their support to camp through prayer and through giving.

CBC has been widely supported and will continue the great commission. An endowment fund has been started to secure the financial needs in the future. Four individuals have gifted the endowment with $25,000, any charitable donation over $10,000 is given a 40% state tax credit. These 4 individuals have used this tax credit to put into the operating match funds of Giving Hearts Day on February 9th, 2017.

If you would like to donate to CBC through Giving Hearts Day where your donation will be matched


Faithful Friends 2017