CBC Vision Summit


Cooperstown Bible Camp

Vision Summit

Our Vision: To take Cooperstown Bible Camp to the next level by our 100th Anniversary in 2025!

Your Assignment: To help us define what that looks like!


Background Issues:

Why take "baby steps" when "giant steps" are needed

  • Churches are dying... the EFCA is shrinking
  • The millennial generation is...the least churched, most Biblically illiterate generation
  • Most people make a profession for Christ before the age of eighteen.

Today is the greatest wealth accumulation in the history of America

Northern Plains District(NPD) Youth Ministries and Cooperstown Bible Camp are in a unique place to partner with the churches of the NPD to reach that next generation of leadership


Cooperstown Bible Camp's board members and staff welcome all Northern Plains District church Pastors, Lay Leaders, and previous CBC board members!


December 1st 12:00pm-December 2nd 12:00pm


Cooperstown Bible Camp will develop a series of 3-year plans to sharpen its focus and revamp its facilities to broaden our potential to support the ministry of our owner-churches.



This vision is not about the Cooperstown Bible Camp board or individuals or an individual...it is about Jesus

Be a part of something that is much bigger than ourselves... as individuals and as churches


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