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February 9th

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February 10-12

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April 28-30 

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May 26-29

Memorial Day Family Camp

Kitchen Volunteers Needed!



Do you enjoy cooking? Food prep? Serving meals? Washing dishes?

Bring back an 80 year tradition to camp!

It has been a blessing to allow the women and men from the churches to come and use their God given gifts to serve those coming to camp. We want to keep our ties to the church and to keep open the door for volunteers to serve at camp. Christ is our focus and as good Norwegians and Germans we have a high standard for good food. We will help figure the menu where needed and we will get the food in 2 days prior to the camp. If possible we are looking for 4 volunteers for each retreat. Responsibilities include: food preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning up after meals. Most retreats run from Friday night until Sunday morning and would include 5 meals.

If you have an interest, please contact us and/or register below!

We appreciate your willingness to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thank You.


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