Other Ways to Get Involved

CBC Event Schedule

CALL US!! 701-797-2174

Work Weekend

May  19-20

Memorial Day Family Camp

May 26-29

Staff Training

May 26-June 9

Golf Scramble

June 10

Illuminate 1 (4th-6th)

June  12-17

Ignite 1 (7th-9th)

June 19-24

Initiante 1 (1st-3rd)

June 26-29

Illuminate 2 (4th-6th)

July 10-15

Ignite 2 (7th-9th)

July 17-22

Initiate 2 (1st-3rd)

July 24-27

Immersion Bible Conference (9th-12th)

July 31-August 5


Cooperstown Bible Camp has been blessed with many people who have chosen to volunteer in a plethora of ways.  From coming on the weekends and serving guest groups to helping with projects around camp, volunteers are essential in making camp a success.


Weekend Retreats

     Call us about volunteering!  701-797-2174 or 701-799-0975 or email christopher@cooperstownbiblecamp.com


Projects Around Camp

The Tabernacle Roof has 7 leaks.

 We have received 60 squares of shingles and tar paper at cost from Marshall Lumber of Mandan.

      All camp buildings need new roofs including the cabins and Ludvig Lodge.


Reconstruction of ELIM CANTEEN on the original foundation

       Materials needed:

2X4 lumber for frame 20FTX30FT

       Rafters 20FT

       Roofing materials




        Paint and primer

        Lag bolts for foundation

        Green treat deck boards

 If any of these projects interest you, or you would like to come and serve in ways that are not listed, please call our office at

701-797-2174 or 701-799-0975 or email us by clicking here.