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Wish List

We first just want to say thank you to those who continue to fulfill the camps needs every month. You have been so generous. We would not be able to reach all that we do and be here for you to use if it wasn't for your partnership and investment.


We feel so blessed to have friends like you!


Around Camp

3 Point box scraper for tractor

Snow bucket for skid loader

 Dump truck loads of gravel for parking lots    

        Gator/Golf Cart or equivelent utility vehicle


For the Kitchen/Dining

10 large pot holders

30 dish rags

10 large metal rectangle lids for pans

Glass and metal mixing bowls with lids

Food processor

24 rectangle white tablecloths

24 rectangle grey tablecloths

12 round white tablecloths

12 round grey tablecloths

New garbage/dish stacking station

New dish washing racks

14 metal drawers for our 7 metal work tables