Meet Dusty Dahl - Our Program Director

Hi everyone, this is Dusty Dahl and I am excited to announce as of February 12, 2017 I am a full-time staff member here at Cooperstown Bible Camp. Growing up as a kid I only came to camp a few summers, but I always told myself I wanted to work at a camp some day. A few years ago at the 2014 Challenge Conference in Ohio I ultimately submitted my life to Christ. That day I knew I was doing something that was going to be life changing, but I never knew how crazy of a ride it was going to be. After coming back from the conference I felt compelled to get baptized: so, I got baptized on August 3, 2014. After engaging with the spirit for only the second noticeable time I really started searching for God in worship, in church, and through service.  Through wanting to serve God, He decided to place me at Cooperstown Bible Camp for the summer of 2015, and after a wonderful summer the Holy Spirit told me that I had a lot of work that I left unfinished. So, I came back for the summer of 2016 and God pushed me to grow again. However, after this moving summer in ministry God told me that I finished my work as a counselor. Even though it was some of the hardest news to hear, I knew that God wasn't calling me away from camp ministry. So, I decided to apply for the full-time Program Director position and got the job.

Here at Cooperstown Bible Camp  I fell in love with God and His love for us. Through counseling I realized the beauty of our hearts and God's intent for our hearts, and because of this I have focused my ministry here at camp to mentor the summer staff, and future campers. Two of my favorite things are spiritual conversations and testimonies, and would love the opportunity to hear and talk about your relationship with God!