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Prayer Warrior Team

Adopt a Flower Bed/Pot

Game Night

May 18

Golf Scramble

June 8, 2018

Prayer Walk & Harvest America Live simulcast

June 10, 2018

Illuminate 1 (4-6 grade)

June 11-16

Ignite 1 (7-9 grade)

June 18-23

Friends & Family Weekend

June 23-24

Initiate 1 (1-3 grade)

June 25-28

Illuminate 2 (4-6 grade)

July 9-14

Ignite 2 (7-9 grade)

July 16-21

Initiate 2 (1-3 grade)

July 23-26

Immersion (9-12 grade)

July 30-Aug 4

Labor Day Family Camp

Aug 31-Sept 3


James Fisher

Hi I'm James Fisher, back right. I would like to introduce you to my family, the Fisher Nuts!  I was born and raised in Guthrie/Laporte MN.  I come from a very strong Christian family. I spent some time traveling around until I settled in Bend, OR and met and married my wife Shannon.  We have two amazing children, Stanley 18 and Jaime 6.  We moved to Minnesota in 2008 to the farm house where I grew up. We had a lot of adventures inthe old farmhouse. My wife learned to farm, my son learned to play outside and we were blessed with our youngest child. Jaime's birth was an adventrue as she was born 3 months early. This brought us to the MN/ND area where she spent time in the NICU getting strong enought to come home.  I have been working construction for over 30 yrs. I volunteered with AWANA and have enjoyed being a part of this program for over 10 yrs. My family and I visited Cooperstown bible Camp with our church a few times and were just amazed by the beauty and peace and how God's presence was so alive. We loved it so much after much prayer, I applied for this job and God blessed us with this great opportunity. I enjoy time with my family and reading. And I am looking forward to serving here at Cooperstown Bible Camp.